Pet Taxi

This is one of our most popular services.

Our vans are fully kitted out with all the necessary equipment to transport (almost) all types of animals.

We offer a door to door service, and you can even travel in the van with us!

Rates for travel outside the Sydney metropolitan area, please phone us for a quote.

If you require extra cages or ramps please let us know prior to our pickup.


Flagfall: $15

Price: $12 Every Ten minutes

Airport Fee for Pick-Up or Drop Off: $20

Saturday & Sunday Rate: 50% Loading Fee

Waiting Times: Are Charged at $20 Per 30 Minutes

Minimum Spend: $30

Long Distance Pricing

Distances Greater than 100km are charged at the following rate:

$1.70 per km travelled.

Up to $200 in fuel money

no charges for extra animals.



Vet Trips

We arrange for vet trips 7 days a week. We accomodate all types of animals and can take the owner with us in the van if you wish. At all times we wait for you and accompany you home after your pet visit. We can also arrange for pets to be taken to the vet without their owner.  If you need Veterinary medications or specially prescribed food, we can pick them up and deliver them to your home.

Airport Pick Ups

We offer transfers of your pet to the freight cargo and then onto your terminal. Airport trips can be time consuming please book in advance so we can best accomodate your needs.

Animals must be at the freight 2 hours before their flight and international flights at least 3 hours. Please allow enough time.

Airport Pick-Ups can be arranged to meet you 30 minutes after your flight lands.

Long Distance

Our long distance service entails pick-up and drop off services within the state of NSW. This is a safer option for young or easily agitated animals, the driver constantly has them within sight and frequent stopping for walks, feeding, toilet are undertaken.  Note: Interstate travel please contact us directly



SERVICING: Sydney CBD, Inner Western and Eastern suburbs