About Us

We are a dog walking and holistic pet care business located in the eastern and inner west suburbs of Sydney. Founded in 2008, Happy Pets’ aim is to provide quality pet care that you can completely trust. Our goal is to make sure both pets are happy and owners are confident and comfortable when using our services. We pride ourselves on really getting to know you and your pets so we can guarantee a level of attention, care and love that is equal to your own. We love our work and nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy pet.

Where We Walk

Many dog walkers will take your pooch to the closest park. We don’t like to cut corners and realise that the best way for your dog to get the most out of their walk is to walk them at the best parks. .All our group walks take place in designated off-leash areas of our favourite parks. These are large open spaces with swimming areas, ensuring your dogs get the most interactive and energetic walks possible.

Bicentennial Park

Sydney Park

Centennial Park